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Hello Creators! We've made this section just for you to drop some quick thoughts on the app. Every piece of feedback is like gold to us, truly helping shape things better. A big thanks for pausing a sec to help us level up! 1 - General Feedback Form This form is designed to gather your overall impressions and experiences with the app. Whether it's about the user interface, the flow, or the features, we're keen to know what you think! It's all about capturing the big picture here. 2. Technical Feedback Form Have you encountered a bug, noticed a performance issue, or found something missing? Perhaps you have insights on a specific feature? This form is designed for that. Share your thoughts and help us refine the experience for the entire community. Your feedback drives our improvements.
Kind regards,
Dankoyy, SandNet Lead Developer (its just me LOL)

1 - General Feedback Form

2 - Technical Feedback Form

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