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1- Animated Decoration

Sandnet 1.4v - GM 0.8.7v
OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION THE SANDBOX CREATORS: [] Description: The Animated Decoration Behavior is a feature in GameMaker that allows you to add animations to your in-game assets. This behavior consists of 11 Logic Parameters that enable control over various aspects of the animation, such as which animation will be displayed, the speed of the animation, whether it should loop indefinitely, how many times it should repeat, and under which conditions the animation should be shown. Moreover, it includes a detection sphere that senses the player's presence, as well as the ability to send messages at the beginning and end of the animation and the capability to interrupt the animation with another triggered animation. Overall, it seems to provide extensive control over the animation and how it interacts with the player and other Logic Elements.
ANI-1 - PlayCondition PlayOnStart: This condition activates the animation as soon as the game starts. It's a straightforward and automatic option, ideal for animations that should be seen as soon as the player enters a specific scene or level.
ANI-2 - PlayCondition PlayOnReceiveMessage: This condition is more interactive and requires a specific action to be triggered. The animation will only start when the asset receives a specific message, allowing for more dynamic and contextual interaction. This can be used, for example, to activate animations when certain objectives are achieved or when specific events occur in the game.
ANI-3 - PlayCondition PlayOnDetectPlayer: This is a player-centered option, where the animation is triggered based on the player's proximity or detection. It is useful for scenarios where the developer wants something to happen only when the player approaches or enters a specific area, such as motion detection on a security camera or triggering a trap.
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