Website: > https://sandbricks.gitbook.io/untitled/ The CEPASA GAME STUDIO (CGS) is an initiative that offers face-to-face classes on game development. The CGS will launch its pilot project in the first semester of 2023, during which students will have remote access to high-performance computers in the US.

There will be two classes of 14 students each, currently enrolled in high school. There will be 24 classes with two hours each, covering the use and interface of two game creation software programs, called VoxEdit and TSB-GameMaker.

The calendar for CEPASA GAME STUDIO is divided into:

  1. Publication & Registration for the Selection Process (May 1st until July 1st)

  2. End of Registration for the Selection Process (July 1st) EXTENDED UNTIL July 9th

  3. Results of the 1st phase of the Selection Process (July 8th) Concluded on July 9th

  4. Physical-Technical Evaluation of the 2nd Phase (July 11th)

  5. Final Result of the Selection Process (July 17th)

  6. First Class (August 1st)

  7. End of the Course (December 14th)

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